The arts and literature workshops at united

The arts and Literature workshops at United Languages is a new course established for advanced learners of English and Spanish. Students will practice Spanish and English as they participate in exciting workshops of arts and Latin American Literature. As Miami grows in cultural diversity, United Languages wants to offer courses that engage the learner in different and fun ways to engage languages.

United Introduces a 4 week course of 8 hours a month,every Friday from 6pm to 8pm where studenjts will learn new ways to engage Spanish and English through the arts.


As Wynwood becomes an important art and cultural hot spot in Miami, United is committed to educating socially responsible individuals who can become more engaged with the changes within their communities. The workshops will include many different activities where students will not only practice their language of choice, but also engaghe in artistic activities such as discussiuing famous paintings and debating i as well as many other complementary activities.


The workshop will have the participation of experienced artists who will engage students in their path of learning a language in a fun and exciting way.


Price List:


1. 4 Weeks of Arts and Literature workshop $359.00USD




1. Friday  6-8pm


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Please Fill out the form with your basic information along with your language of choice.


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